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Media and Representation

How are women portrayed in mainstream media and how have the people reacted to it?

“You don’t have to be a formal researcher to notice that there has been a pronounced increase in the number of sexual images of girls and young women in mainstream media”(R. Danielle Egan, 56). We see this in different ad campaigns, in magazines and on television. In many so-called ‘chick-flicks’, we can see how a girl becomes popular after the traditional make-over, and she is usually unpopular in the first stage because she is an intellect.

This problem moves past the screen itself to interviews of actresses who are mainly asked about looks, what fitness routine they have at the moment, compared to men who get relevant questions about the movie they are promoting.

“From the red carpet to the slopes, the media sends the limiting message that a woman’s value lies in her youth, beauty, and sexuality and not in her accomplishments […] According to a study that analyzed over 160 million words from decades of newspapers, academic papers, tweets, and blogs, […] women are disproportionately described in relation to their marital status, age, or appearance.” (The Representation Project).

Luckily, people are fighting against this on social media. The Representation Project has undertaken some means to campaign against this. They use the #askhermore, to challenge journalists and interviewers not to ask a question simply based on appearance but to focus on women’s achievements instead.

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